Voter Verification and Research Tool

Welcome to the Who Counts the Votes voter research tool, a tool to check the accuracy of the voter rolls in our state regarding your vote and that of those around you.


Search by name or address to view state registration data on file for a particular name or address in the 2020 election. Additionally, on the right side of the results see if the listed voter is recorded as having voted in 2020, as well as a voter history of the past 3 general elections. Except for 2020, voter history is not necessarily correlated to the listed registration address.

Share your findings

If you find incorrect data that you believe would warrant further investigation, and/or discover people who you cannot identify voted in 2020 from your address, please fill out the form below and report this information. This form can also be used to report issues other than the suggestions we have provided. If more information is needed regarding the information you provide, we will contact you with further instructions and/or information.

Fine print

Use of the information from the research tool for soliciting, advertising, or for any commercial purpose is strictly prohibited. Your use of the tool constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions below.

What to Search For

The short list below offers some possible scenarios of irregularities to search for. These may or may not mean voter fraud as it could also have been election manipulation from nefarious actors.

  • Did you vote and it didn’t get recorded?
  • Were you credited a vote but didn’t submit a ballot?
  • Are people registered to your address who don’t live there? If so, did they also vote?
  • Did someone vote from an abandoned house on your street?
  • Did someone vote from a nearby business address?
  • Did a loved one vote from beyond the grave?
  • Did your previous neighbor vote from their old address after moving?
  • How many people voted from that studio apartment?
  • Are there votes from vacation homes in your area?
  • Did someone vote for a loved one in a nursing home?
  • Did someone vote from property you own that shouldn’t have?
  • How many people voted from your favorite campground?
  • Are people registered to the storage facility in your area?

Report Possible Fraud

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Use of the search tool for commercial purposes of any kind is strictly prohibited. We will not be liable for any loss, damage, or penalties incurred as a result of the use or any reliance on the information provided by the search tool.

The data found within the search results is available to the public by the Washington Secretary of State. Anyone can gain access to this information. We are simply offering a service which allows for quick and easy search results.

Your use of the search is at your own risk. Illegal use of the information for a commercial purpose or to solicit goods or services using the information found in the search results is not allowed and will be reported to the appropriate authorities if there is evidence anyone has breached the terms of this agreement. By clicking on the button above which will take you to the search tool you agree to the terms and conditions listed here, and in accordance the Washington state law.