Voter Verification and Research Tool

Welcome to the Who Counts the Votes voter research tool, a tool to check the accuracy of the voter rolls in Washington state. This tool has been updated to show election records of voters 18 and older from the March 1, 2024 VRDB. Also included in the precinct column is a link to pull up all voters in a particular precinct by clicking on the desired precinct link, and internal website programing of a comparison in the info column of SOS VRDB Dec 2020 and March 2024.


Search by name OR address to view state registration data for a particular name or address. It’s not possible to do both name and address at the same time. Make sure to click on the “find” button that’s directly underneath the entered search criteria. For name make sure to put both first and last name. For address put both city and either full address or partial address. (See tool tips below disclaimer for more details.) After you click on “find” the results of your search will show up as a list. If there are no names, that means your search returned no results. If that is the case, use the browser back button to start a new search.

For a walk list ordered by house number, go to the “Search By Address” section and in the “Street” box enter the full or partial street name, e.g., W Main St; Main, etc. Do not include the house number. Make sure to fill in the “City” box below and below that hit the enter button. Check the precinct column being mindful that some streets may include bordering precincts. Right click on the list and print it out using the print options to fit all the columns you want on one page. Click the link at the bottom of the search results to download the list in an excel csv file.

**Terms and Conditions** Use of the information from the research tool for soliciting, advertising, or for any commercial purpose is strictly prohibited. Your use of the tool constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions as stated on the SOS website at the bottom of the Washington Voter Registration Database Extract page found here.

**Disclaimer** Other than the source of where the data is retrieved, this website is not affiliated in any way with WA SOS.

Tool Tips

Here are some tips for the voter search tool. The order of the tips below can be mixed up. There are different reasons for why a search doesn’t always show up, but the main one is operator input errors in the SOS database often from data entered in the wrong column, e.g., middle name, or initial, included in first name column; or variations in how the data is entered, e.g. street name Cederlake vs Ceder Lake.

  • 1. Try the full address or full first then last name.
  • 2. Try different combinations, e.g., 123 W Main St; 123 Main St W; FN: Bob LN: Smith; FN: Bob D, LN: Smith; etc.
  • 3. Try parts of it in the same or different combinations, e.g., 123 Main St; 123 Main W; FN: Bob, LN: D Smith; etc.
  • 4. For address, try just the house number or street name, e.g., 123; Main; etc.

Bear in mind, the more general the search, the greater the amount of results will turn up which may make finding what you’re after more time consuming. In the case where the amount of results makes it too time consuming to look through, you can use ctrl+f (hold down the ctrl button while pressing the f button) to pull up the browser search function to search for the particular address desired in the page of results.

What to Search For

The short list below offers some possible scenarios of irregularities to search for. These may or may not mean voter fraud as it could also have been election manipulation from nefarious actors.

  • Did you vote and it didn’t get recorded?
  • Were you credited a vote but didn’t submit a ballot?
  • Are people registered to your address who don’t live there? If so, did they also vote?
  • Did someone vote from an abandoned house on your street?
  • Did someone vote from a nearby business address?
  • Did a loved one vote from beyond the grave?
  • Did your previous neighbor vote from their old address after moving?
  • How many people voted from that studio apartment?
  • Are there votes from vacation homes in your area?
  • Did someone vote for a loved one in a nursing home?
  • Did someone vote from property you own that shouldn’t have?
  • How many people voted from your favorite campground?
  • Are people registered to the storage facility in your area?

Understanding the Search Results

Search results show up as follows: First column is first name, then last name, address, then city. The columns that follow are general election voting history for the corresponding voter. If there is nothing in one of those columns, it means there is no recorded vote for the voter for that year.

The “info” column is a comparison of the Dec 2020 VRDB and the January 2024 VRDB. It shows several things.

  • 1. NEW: voter was not registered in the Dec 2020 VRDB.
  • 2. address updated: the address has been updated since Dec 2020.
  • 3. active to inactive: the voter’s status changed from active to inactive.
  • 4. inactive to active: the voter’s status changed from inactive to active.
  • 5. Inactive/inactive means the voter may have been inactive for 2 federal elections. In which case, the county auditor should be contacted to investigate if removal is in order.

Additionally, in the column all the way on the right, called “precinct,” are links to click to see all voters registered in the selected precinct. Lastly, at the bottom of the search results is an “export” link to download the search results in an excel csv file.

Challenging a Voter’s Registration

Learn about the process of challenging a voter’s registration by clicking HERE.

Other Uses

The results include voter history. This is helpful to see which voters may need a reminder to turn in their ballots during election time.

Report Possible Fraud

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