HB 1333 – Domestic Violent Extremism Commission

House Bill 1333

At the request of the Washington Attorney General’s office, House Bill 1333 was just introduced. Originally sponsored by representatives Ramos and Berg. There are currently 22 sponsors listed on the legislature’s website, all Democrat.

The bill seeks to establish a commission to address “domestic extremism and domestic terrorism” within the state. Below you will find a link to view and download HB 1333, or you can click HERE to view the original bill.

The commission would be established within the Attorney General’s Office, and would “build upon the research and findings of the domestic terrorism study assembled by the state attorney general in 2022,” according to the bill.

In 2022 the AGO published a report which stated,

“The legislature directed the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) to conduct a study…. reviewing federal, state, and local laws relating to acts of domestic terrorism; state and local data collection, tracking, and reporting practices relating to acts of domestic terrorism; and state and local policies regarding responding to domestic terrorism.”

The AG conducted a six-month study. Tasks consisted of summarizing current laws and policies related to domestic terrorism and identifying best practices for improving and standardizing data collection; strengthening law enforcement, prosecutorial and other local government responses to acts of domestic terrorism; and making recommendations for any necessary statutory changes.

AG Ferguson’s Recommendations

The Attorney General states in the report that his topline recommendation is to,

“Urge the legislature to create a new Commission on Domestic Violent Extremism (DVE), composed of diverse stakeholders with the broad goal of establishing a comprehensive public health and community-based framework for responding to DVE. This is consistent with both the new U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s approach to prevention (Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships) and the guidelines and principles outlined in the first U.S. National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, issued in June 2021 by the White House.”

Ferguson claims the legislature gave him the authority to consult with experts and professionals with expertise in domestic terrorism to complete this study. The experts he consulted are listed in the document below.

Bob Ferguson’s Report on “Domestic Violent Extremism”

Watch the Committee Hearing

The Commission

“The duties of the commission include, but are not limited to: (a) Identifying community-led and evidence-based solutions to combat disinformation and misinformation, address early signs of radicalization…”

“The commission must consist of the following members:
(a) Four legislators, one appointed by each of the two largest caucuses of the senate and one appointed by each of the two largest caucuses of the house of representatives;
(b) A representative of the governor’s office appointed by the governor;
(c) A representative from the attorney general’s office;
(d) A representative from the American civil liberties union;
(e) A representative from the anti-defamation league;
(f) A representative with expertise in public health;
(g) Six representatives from organizations representing groups protected under RCW 9A.36.080, which may include but is not limited to the following:
(i) A representative from the black/African American community;
(ii) A representative from the Muslim community;
(iii) A representative from the Jewish community;
(iv) A representative from the Asian or Asian American community;
(v) A representative from the Sikh community;10
(vi) A representative from the Latino/a/x community;
(vii) A representative from the LGBTQ community;
(ix) A representative from the general immigrant/refugee community; and
(x) A representative from the African community;
(h) The commission must extend an invitation to participate in the commission to the following:
(i) A representative from the federal bureau of investigation;
(ii) A representative from the United States department of homeland security; and
(iii) A representative from a federally recognized tribe.

“Domestic Terrorists” According to the Bill

Apparently it’s only people who are not included in a protected class the AG considers “domestic extremists” or “terrorists.” Why isn’t gang violence considered terrorism? What about when the cities were burining and we were told it was “mostly peaceful? Or that period of time when the police department was taken over by criminals who claimed it was an autonomous zone where people were murdered? Were they extreme? Was that a domestic terrorist organization? And why is Christianity excluded from the list of religious groups the commission is to include?

Many would argue that people not included in one of the listed protected classes could also be subject to domestic extremism.

One more thing… Who gets to define what that means, exactly?


These have become common phrases used by those wishing to suppress the opposition. What is misinformation and disinformation? It’s simple. Any content, whether written, published online, spoken, or any form of distributed media that doesn’t fall in-line with the narrative they want you to believe. If they don’t agree, it’s misinformation.

Keep in mind, some of these people are impossible to see eye to eye with. Sometimes there is no compromising.

I hope you are catching on to this…

Now, it appears, that misinformation and disinformation consist of extremist ideas intended to harm the public. Domestic terrorist ideologies.


What happened to free speech? Why can’t we agree to disagree? Why does one side want to not only silence those who disagree, but deem them extreme terrorists? How far is this going to go?

In recent years, the media and people in positions of power have repeatedly lied to the public. Subjects range from “russian disinformation”, Hunter Biden’s laptop, crimes of the Biden family, wild lies about Donald Trump, and a long list of other topics. The media distributed these lies to the masses without going back to correct the record when proved wrong. Will they be considered extreme terrorists?

Definition of “Domestic Terrorism”

The report describes what “domestic terrorism” means as,

“An undefined term in the Revised Code of Washington, but is defined in the U.S. Code as “activities that (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; (B) appear to be intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.”

The report continues,

Although this is a useful working definition, because the statutory term “domestic terrorism” necessarily includes “acts dangerous to human life,” it fails to capture the full scope of the problem Washington State faces, which encompasses other forms of extremist and political violence; threats, coercion, and intimidation; online disinformation; extremist recruitment and government infiltration efforts; and the general spread of extreme white supremacist, antigovernment, and other ideologies.”

Ferguson seeks to extend the federal definition of domestic terrorism to legally censor the public.

This effort to shut down and silence the opposition was put in overdrive after the 2020 election and has been constantly thrown at those who had questions about elections here in our state and across the country. If the election was, in fact, accurate, fair, and secure, they shouldn’t be threatened by the questions.

The amount of resistance citizens are met with does not ease any concerns. Instead of transparency and cooperation when looking for answers to the questions they refuse to address, they are diligently working to reduce their obligations to disclose anything that could provide answers to everyone’s questions. One method in which this is accomplished is by crafting and repeating creative interpretations of the RCW’s, WAC’s, and other relevant state and/or federal laws.

Read more about crafting questionable interpretations of the law in the Cast Vote Record article previously posted.

HB 1333

Speak Up!

Please consider speaking up about this. Share with others. Even those who agree with the violations of free speech will likely find themselves on the other side of the suppression at some point. This is dangerous for all Washingtonians, regardless of political affiliation, ethnicity, and religous beliefs.

Always consider the possibility that the tables could turn and what your opinion would be then.

Check THIS PAGE to see current information on HB 1333

Click HERE to read about SB 5112

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