Cheaters Change Tactics in 2022 Primary

After the 2022 primary election in Washington State, analysis shows that what we believe to be the method of the steal was carried out differently in some counties than it was in 2020. Using records created by the Clear Ballot tabulation software, ClearCount, it is evident that the distribution of votes was carried out in a much different manner than it was in the presidential election of 2020.

2020 Pre-load

In 2020, across the state of Washington, at least in the counties using Clear Ballot systems, there was a significant amount of early votes which strongly favored the democrat candidates. It is referred to as the “Pre-load.” The first few days of ballot processing was opposite of the votes counted during the actual week of the election.

See the red and blue graphs which are a visual representation of how the votes came in during the 2020 general election on top, and the 2022 primary election on the bottom in Spokane County.

What you are looking at is the margin of victory for each batch of ballots scanned by the ClearCount system. In Spokane, ballots are grouped in batches of 200 or less ballots. Blue lines going up represent a democrat win for the batch, and the red lines represent a republican win for the batch.

2020 vs 2022

Notice that in 2020, the majority of the blue lines are at the beginning of the election, and during 2022, they are in large groups of blue lines throughout the election. Something changed in the county. We wanted to know exactly what it was. Turns out, instead of pre-loading the democrat ballots, they divided them up, and spread them out over the 2 week long vote counting process.

2022 Daily Vote Pattern

Lets break it down to look at the day by day distribution of those batches.

When comparing the votes on a day to day basis, it is clear that the democrat clusters of votes were counted in the earlier part of the day. The first two days of scanning were mostly blue, and the other days are split red and blue. Keep in mind that these graphs are in the same order they were processed in. So the democrat heavy batches were scanned earlier in the day than the batches won by republicans.

After consulting with someone who is well aware of how the elections are conducted in Spokane County, we learned that the ballots that are processed earlier in the day are the ballots received from USPS in the morning. During the day election officials go to the drop box locations and pick up ballots, which are typically processed later in the day, after the ballots from USPS are processed.

Additionally, we checked the ballot status report available on the Secretary of State’s website, and confirmed that the ballots returned by mail relatively match the numbers we are seeing processed in the earlier part of the day, which are believed to be from the post office.

Do you know what this means?!

The 2020 pre-load and the groups of democrat heavy ballots are the ones coming from USPS. Either they are taking advantage of having so much control over our elections, or someone is taking advantage of them by using them as mules to collect and return these ballots which do not match the rest of the ballots, and do not fit in with the rest of the votes.

For some reason, instead of delivering them all in the first few days of the election, someone must have decided to spread them out over the course of the election. Thousands of voters would have had to coordinate together to make this happen naturally. We do not think this is possible.

It is more likely that an individual or a small group of individuals made this decision and carried it out during the elections. Which would mean those are all fraudulent ballots.

When we saw the pre-load in 2020, we thought this was so strange, and were immediately suspicious of it. When we saw the county’s footprint change in 2022, we grew even more suspicious. After looking at the data from every angle, we are sure that this is manipulation and interference in the Spokane County elections and other counties within the state.

Now the question that must be answered next is, is the post office responsible for the fraudulent ballots, or is someone else pulling this off, and having the post office do their dirty work, unbeknownst to the post office?

Spokane County also has several other issues related to the conduct of their elections. See this article about Spokane County,

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