Who Counts the Votes?

The Mission

Analysis of the entire election process has been underway across the country since the 2020 general election. That includes right here in Washington, the “poster child” for mail in ballots.

An extensive amount of data and records were obtained during the course of this research, which was studied, dissected, and scrutinized. We feel it is our duty to share this information and educate the public. Ignoring these issues by turning a blind eye or refusing to accept the painful truth has not been a successful strategy.

Please be advised that some of the content found within this website may be shocking and/or hard to accept. Our goal is not to deceive anyone, or tell any stories. Everything presented herein is a result of extensive research and investigative studies.

The Truth About Washington’s Elections

Elections in Washington state are undeniably vulnerable and susceptible to fraud. The entire process is flawed and cannot ensure a free and fair, or even accurate election. Our research has shown there are major issues with voter registration, mail-in ballot delivery, vote counting systems, election management and records preservation.

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Ranked Choice Voting Scam

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The Voter Secrecy Issue in Washington State – White v Skagit

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Who counts the votes in Washington state?

What did he say?

The county auditor is the “ex-officio supervisor” for the elections within their county. Each county auditor then reports to the Secretary of State (SOS) who is responsible for the election results and voter registration management at the state level. There are many people who play a role in counting the votes. However, it is a machine which does the actual counting.  


Election systems have multiple components, but tabulation is the act of recording and adding the votes to get the totals.  It happens when the ballots are scanned, and their images recorded by the optical scanner. Ballots which are unreadable by the scanner according to the software’s settings are sent to adjudication. The systems have an adjudication feature built into the scanner’s software, which allows an algorithm within the machine’s software to decide who the voter intended to vote for.

If the machine doesn’t automatically adjudicate the ballot, election staff use the “resolver tool” to review an image of the ballot, and then records the voter’s “intent.” There is a fine line between processing the ballots and the tabulation of the results. In many cases there is nothing else required after the ballots are scanned, other than to instruct the machine to display the vote totals in a “format which can be read by humans”.


In Washington state, the tabulators were purchased from 4 different vendors. Clear Ballot equipment is used in 18 of the 39 counties, including Pierce, Snohomish, and King, the three with the largest populations. Hart Intercivic machines are used in 15 counties, ES&S is used in 5, and one county uses Dominion machines. Check out some of the concerns we have with the tabulation process and equipment.

Ballot Status and Voter Registration Updates

To check the status of your ballot, request a replacement ballot or to update your voter registration details, visit votewa.gov .


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