Records Show Votes Pre-Loaded During Early Counting

The System

In 2020 there were 17 counties in the state of Washington that used Clear Ballot election equipment for during the general election. It is the most widely used system in the state. Clear Count is the software installed on the scanner/tabulator, which allows the ballots to be counted as they are scanned. There is evidence that the early votes are pre-loaded into the vote count to boost a particular outcome.

The Process

Ballots are scanned in batches, usually consisting of 300 ballots or less. The most common we found were in batches of 200. There is a report available which shows the total votes for each candidate that was in each batch. There is a separate report which shows the time and date that each batch was scanned. Using that information, we recreated a timeline of how the votes were counted for the 2020 general election.

The Results

The conclusion is that if you voted early, you voted Democrat. Even if you vote in a county that had a final vote count in favor of Republicans, the early votes were for the Democrats.

These charts were created by calculating the margin of victory for each batch for the Presidential race of 2020. If Biden won the batch, there will be a blue line. For batches that he won by a lot, the line will be longer. If he won the batch by a few, the line will be shorter. If the batch favored Trump, the line will be red.

Keep in mind these were placed back in the order they were scanned in using records provided by the county auditors. This was necessary because on the report provided by the county, they were out of order for some reason. Not in every county, but the majority of them were scrambled.

Scanning started on October 20th-23rd in most of the counties. That lasted through mid-November. However, the bulk of the ballots were scanned within the 10-day period leading up to election day.

To read more about the tabulation process, click HERE.

Probability and Possibilities

Across the state the records show the same patterns. All the early votes are in favor of one party. This suggests the preferred candidates are getting a head start somehow.

It appears votes are pre-loaded in the early days of the election, giving a favored candidate a jump start in the vote counts. There are several possibilities as to how this was done.

Automatic Adjudication Software

Clear Count uses a “Resolver Tool” to electronically adjudicate ballots. This happens when the marks on the ballot may not be perfectly filled in, and a decision is needed to decide what the intention of the voter was. Logs show the resolver tool is frequently used.

Scheduled Updates

The equipment gets shut down every night, and updates could be scheduled without anyone’s knowledge. There is also the possibility that someone with access to the system, either physically or remotely, has plenty of time to make any adjustments, or check the total vote count to see if they need to mail order any extra votes. In reality, there are plenty of ways something like this could be done or the equipment could be tampered with.

There are numerous opportunities for the votes to be manipulated caused by the lack of supervision in the early days of the election. Not only are poll watchers less likely to be there two weeks before election day, but the cyber-security monitoring that the Air National Guard provided us during 2020 focused on election day, not necessarily the month-long election event.

The law states that tabulation can only occur after 8pm on election day. If they mess with the early votes, no one will notice by the time the results are published. The early vote boost would blend in with the rest of the votes, and there is no choice but to believe it as the true results.


Without being able to examine the equipment there is nothing supporting the claim that the machines are accurate. We already know the tests used to prove the accuracy are just done to make it appear to the public like they are conducting accurate elections. The design of the tests are not meant to actually test for logic or accuracy. That is just what they named it to deceive us. If you want to read about the inadequacies of the logic and accuracy tests, click HERE.

If the County or the State wanted to prove any of these things did not occur, there are certain records which would be able to confirm nothing nefarious happened. Those records have been withheld from the public. See more about how Washington State elected officials and staff are withholding information which would provide answers HERE.

The lack of transparency and echoed responses repeated by the majority of the elected officials and their offices doesn’t allow the public the opportunity to question the obvious or provide any input. Even if a list is placed in their hand of people who are illegally registered, they continue to claim there is no fraud, and expect us to believe the lie they were told to sell us.

The moral of the story is this:

If you submit your ballot early, your vote was likely counted in favor of the Democrat candidates in the 2020 general election. Either the early votes are being manipulated, or the phantom voters on the registration data we have seen are all first in line to return their ballots. For a more in-depth analysis of the batches from counties using Clear Ballot, download the file below.

Watch THIS VIDEO to learn about what was found in the Dominion machines in a different part of the country. We have seen very similar characteristics within our Washington data.

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