Governor Attempts to Silence All Election Concerns

Washington State Governor threatens Citizens First Amendment Rights

Recently the Washington state governor announced he would support legislation which would criminalize politicians who “lie” about election fraud. Someone in their right mind may read that last sentence and think, “good, anyone committing election fraud and lying about it should be punished!” We agree with that, however, what the governor really means is he wants to punish people who point out the fraud and doubt the election results. Especially those who doubt his “win.”

Jay Inslee January 6th, 2022

Our concerns are valid, and just because he likes the results doesn’t make them true or accurate. If he lost, he would probably have a more open mind about the fraud, and maybe look a little closer. That isn’t how election integrity works. The security of the election, or the level of fraud doesn’t depend on whether or not someone is pleased with the results. And his attempt to charge anyone who does see the fraud with a crime is ridiculously arrogant. Seems the emergency powers he has awarded himself for the past two years has gone to his head.

Jay Inslee first announced support for legislation which would make doubting election results a crime on the anniversary of January 6th. A short time later senate bill 5843 was introduced, sponsored by Senator David Frockt.

Thankfully the bill died in the senate after it failed to get a vote in the state senate before the deadline. Inslee said in a statement, “We all still have a responsibility to act against this Big Lie … we must continue to explore ways to fight the dangerous deceptions politicians are still promoting about our elections.”

The facts

Governor Inslee was reported to be the winner of the 2020 election, making it his third term as Washington state Governor. He is one of three to be in office for a third term within the state. He is the second to hold the position for three consecutive terms, the other was Republican Dan Evans, who was elected for his third term in the same election that Nixon was elected as president.

During the press conference on the anniversary of the January 6th scandal, Inslee claimed there were people within the state who were actively trying to undermine our democracy by questioning the election. In all our efforts, I have not seen a single attempt to undermine anything. The truth is, many feel state officials have deliberately worked against our efforts to simply discover the truth, and their intention to block us from investigating is the real threat to our republic.

He focused on the 3 legislators who have raised election integrity concerns, but even for those of us who are not politicians, allowing Inslee to silence our representatives is also effectively silencing us. It never stops there.

Free speech and truth must always be priority.

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